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blue sky

You see that image above? This is not my friend.

It is currently 83F in Seattle and I am hiding out in the library of our ground floor/basement (never know what to call it but I love it because it is full of books and cool-in both senses of the word!).

The forecast for the rest of the week is more of this with temperatures possibly reaching the 90s mid-week.

I find myself working to keep on the good side of grumpy. I’ve been having rain fantasies and living-elsewhere-for-the-summer fantasies (a colder elsewhere, like Ireland).

This afternoon I’m fantasizing about my oven. About how nice it would be to bake bread, or a pie, or roast a chicken and root vegetables.

I’ve made a deal with myself that this winter I’m going to sit on our porch in wool socks and a fleece, with a cup of hot tea or coffee and enjoy the chill and feel very grateful for the rain…and I’m going to do this regularly throughout the winter!!!

For now, I’m going to enjoy half a glass of chilled Riesling (one of the few things I truly enjoy in summer) in my cool library and read some more of the excellent book by Kathleen Flinn that I’ve been whipping through the last couple of days. If I can’t cook in the oven I can at least read about it. Sigh!



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Driving Over Lemons

For Ashley and Caitlin, today is officially the first day of summer. It is the first Monday morning that they don’t have to get up at their usual time of 7am and then go to school. All the children seem to be embracing this first day of summer. It’s almost 9am and everyone of them is still asleep!

Most surprisingly even Sean, our early morning alarm clock, has jumped aboard (or should I say cuddled up) to the big summer sleep. He is usually awake by around 6am and likes to play quietly in his room until just before 7. Then he tries to wake Ethan by calling out, though it really sounds more like a groan. He doesn’t touch Ethan to wake him, strangely enough. If he is unsuccessful waking Ethan, he then calls out for either James, myself or Ashley until one of us comes to let him out of his room.

So here I am having a slow start to a peaceful summer morning. I’ve seen James off to work. I’ve eaten a leisurely, uninterrupted breakfast and researched some online sites on planting parking strips for some gardening ideas. And now I have some time to write a blog entry. I’m loving our summer already 🙂

Although, unlike the girls, today isn’t the first real day of summer for me. That was Friday. And no, it wasn’t because it was the last day of school. Nor was it the successful unveiling of the final assembly slideshow and the yearbook distribution to the kids. Those are all the hallmarks of the end of the school year but it happened when I settled into bed on Friday night.

Exhausted from all the work with the school photo projects and end of school year activities, I snuggled down to read book nine in the Martin Beck series I’ve been reading on and off for more than a year. As I read the first couple of pages my brain stopped and said “no”. It felt like a winter read. A detective story that for me is best read on dark evenings either by a fire or under a duvet. Not under a sheet and lightweight blanket with the sun still coming through the blinds. That’s when the image above popped into my head. I wanted to read travel literature again and that’s when I knew it was summer.

I returned Martin Beck to my borrowed books shelf and reached for Driving Over Lemons. Ian and Janet gave me this book (nearly a decade ago?) written by Chris Stewart who retired as the original drummer for Genesis before the group became a huge success. This book tells of his adventure buying a remote farm in Andalucia in Spain and relocating there with his wife to live a fairly idyllic life (after all the trials and tribulations of settling in to a new life in a foreign country).

When I finish this lovely little book I have a number of other books of travel writings left over from last summer, when a similar transition hit last October and my brain stopped and said “enough” of summer reading. I love the seasonal cycles and how my mind and body have their own ways of marking the beginnings and ends.

So here’s to a glass of chilled Riesling, relaxing in my sunny well-tended back garden, happy children keeping themselves occupied (well it is my dream after all) while I read about other people’s travels and imagine the possibility of some travels of my own this summer. Cheers!

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