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My Regular Name

I removed my oven door yesterday so I could completely clean the inside. Now I can’t get the door back on. Today I have been searching online for videos to help me figure out how to restore my oven, my sanity and my aching biceps to normal working order!

As I searched online Sean (my four year old) was ‘writing’ on the notepad of my iPad. Have you ever tried to follow an instructional video with a little one asking you, “How do you spell…?”, over and over? After a while, I decided to stop for a moment and give him some undivided attention.

Sean: “How do you spell your name?”
Me: “S…U…S..A…N.”
Sean: “No, I mean your regular name?”
Me: “My regular name???”
I had a puzzled moment trying to interpret the request. Lightbulb!
Me: “Do you mean ‘Mum’?
Sean: “Yeesssu.”
Me: “You can spell it Mum or Mom. M…U…M or M…O…M.”
Sean: “Thanks.”

So there you have it. My “regular name”. I’m grateful that when I checked later he at least went with the spelling for “Mum”!

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