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blue sky

You see that image above? This is not my friend.

It is currently 83F in Seattle and I am hiding out in the library of our ground floor/basement (never know what to call it but I love it because it is full of books and cool-in both senses of the word!).

The forecast for the rest of the week is more of this with temperatures possibly reaching the 90s mid-week.

I find myself working to keep on the good side of grumpy. I’ve been having rain fantasies and living-elsewhere-for-the-summer fantasies (a colder elsewhere, like Ireland).

This afternoon I’m fantasizing about my oven. About how nice it would be to bake bread, or a pie, or roast a chicken and root vegetables.

I’ve made a deal with myself that this winter I’m going to sit on our porch in wool socks and a fleece, with a cup of hot tea or coffee and enjoy the chill and feel very grateful for the rain…and I’m going to do this regularly throughout the winter!!!

For now, I’m going to enjoy half a glass of chilled Riesling (one of the few things I truly enjoy in summer) in my cool library and read some more of the excellent book by Kathleen Flinn that I’ve been whipping through the last couple of days. If I can’t cook in the oven I can at least read about it. Sigh!


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