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Happy New Year. A trip to the Oregon coast and the first week of school have made for a pleasantly full start to 2013.

As a result of our stay at Cannon Beach we had to defer our first Friday dinner and movie night of the New Year.  Continuing a budding tradition that started in December, Grandma and Granddad braved the rapidly dropping temperatures and joined us for dinner and a movie. (They get a ride home at the end of the night, which was probably very welcome tonight with the temperature below 30F!)


Tonight we ate Swedish Meatballs, mashed potatoes, peas with Lingonberry preserves. Then we watched Chimpanzee, a Disney documentary set the rain forest in West Africa. We all enjoyed this beautifully shot and absorbing glimpse into the lives of these chimps. Our viewing was enhanced by a few additional rainforest fact supplied by Caitlin who has been studying rainforests in school. I learned about buttress roots, luminous fungi and Gabon Vipers. I go to bed tonight a little wiser 🙂

To date we have watched the following films as part of our dinner and movie night (we watched Brave after dinner on Christmas Eve and  A White Christmas after dinner on Christmas Day):

E.T. The Bishops Wife

It's a Wonderful Life Brave

A White Christmas A Christmas Carol


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