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When I first realized a few weeks ago that I was internalizing the end of year wind down, I decided to give some thought to things that I have consistently enjoyed over the years, even if I have stopped and restarted them a number of times as Life intervened. It’s a short list:

blogging (I used to journal)
creating (drawing, painting, sewing, crafting, cooking, baking and scrapbooking)
learning languages

The activity that leaped out at me was language learning. I had taken a break from actively studying a language after Ethan was born. Just prior to that I had put about six months of study into learning Spanish and had enjoyed it very much.

When I first chose to learn Spanish four years ago it had been tough deciding between it and Italian. Practicalities won out-there are so many more resources here for learning Spanish. While I had no experience with any of the Spanish speaking cultures to draw me to the language, I do love the language learning process, communicating with someone in their own language and making a connection. There are more possibilities for this with Spanish given where I live.

Since this summer I have been reading a lot of Italian themed novels and travel memoirs. Naturally, my desire to learn Italian emerged again. When I first looked at my language learning materials again a couple of weeks ago I had been planning to start Italian. But then I looked through my Spanish binder with all the materials and the learning system I had put together. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the quick review of the language learning process I had set up for studying it. Even more surprising, I discovered a growing fondness for the sound of the language and a strong urge to approach Latin American cultures in a manner I have enjoyed for French, Japanese, Italian, Greek and Irish culture. I am going to read novels set in these cultures. I am going to read about places where the language is spoken and I am going to read about travelers’ experiences in these places.

Using Amazon and the Seattle Public Library, I have researched and ordered a few travel memoirs to get me started. I love this growing feeling of excitement as I renew my studies in Spanish. Now that I’ve picked it back up, I find it an excellent salve for the restlessness I have been feeling. I look forward to documenting and sharing my continuing adventures in language learning.

Note: For related posts and more about my interest in languages you can check out my language page here.

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As I find myself daydreaming about things I would like to be doing, but have not yet been able to act upon, I am finding it helpful to shift my thoughts to things that are currently happening and that are working well. My daydreaming leaves me restless. My reflection on family routines that are working relaxes me.

We are very fortunate here that James’s job allows for him to be with us in the morning for breakfast and back in the evening for dinner. While the changes in roles and duties that his presence has brought about has taken a little time to adjust to, we seem finally to be entering a flow.

Weekday Mornings Routine

Alarm goes off. 


  • Wakes girls
  • Frees the boys 🙂 (They have a child safety handle on their doorknob inside the bedroom  to prevent Ethan wandering around without supervision during the bedtime hours. Sean is still in a crib.)
  • Showers and dresses
  • Takes breakfast requests (within his weekday breakfast limits)
  • Heads downstairs to make breakfasts and his lunch

While I:

  • Nurse Sean
  • Read a story to both boys as I nurse
  • Say good morning to, and sometimes with, Ashley and Caitlin
  • Change the boys nappies/pull-ups
  • Take Ethan to the bathroom
  • Send boys downstairs
  • Have a shower
  • Start a laundry load, strip beds or fold some laundry depending on what day it is and what tasks  need doing.

We eat breakfast.


  • Takes girls to school, nearly always accompanied by Sean and sometimes by Ethan (who seems to be more of a homebody at this hour)

While I:

  • Finish my tea
  • Assess what needs to get done during the day and create a check list.

James returns from school. The boys and I say goodbye as James cycles off to work.

My day with the boys at home begins.

Evening Routine

  • The girls do homework.
  • I cook dinner or put it together from having prepared it earlier in the day.
  • James returns home from work.
  • We eat dinner together.
  • James and I alternate taking the boys to bed and cleaning the kitchen after dinner/supervising the girls’ chores.
  • Ideally, there is then time after the boys bedtime and chores for James and I to enjoy time with the girls before their bedtime (sometimes dallying over homework or chores means these tasks need to be completed in the time before they go to bed :()

As I write this time I can see that we really do have a great deal of rhythm to our days as a family. These routines don’t always run smoothly but they tick along most of the time. Homework and chores are still a work in progress with the girls, but we are starting to have some fun evenings before their bedtime playing Yahtzee or Scategories or reading in the living room together. Some evenings, if the boys have had a very late nap, they join us in the living room. They both enjoyed playing “Pagliahtzee” with me and James one evening recently. (Ethan came up with the names. He has confused Pagliacci Pizza and Yahtzee and run them together. Sean copies Ethan a lot, so now they both call the game “Pagliahtzee” :))

It really helps settle my mind to focus on what is working around here. Our morning and evening routines are working well and act like anchors, giving me a sense of place and purpose with my family. As I reflect I take a deep breath and exhale with a sigh. Life is Good!

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Lately I have noticed a paradox in how I am going about my days.

I enjoy taking care of our home. I have been enjoying baking and cooking, and love the feeling of calm productivity I get from my Monday routine. On Mondays I make all the beds, vacuum the bedrooms and clear out any rubbish before collection day on Tuesday. I am even experiencing a great sense of satisfaction from getting all the laundry done on Mondays and trying to have it all put away by Tuesday. Putting laundry away has always been a thorn in my side. I like the feeling when it is all neatly put away but used to dread the process of getting to that point. Now I’m able to focus on the simple joy that comes at the end and that gets me through the actual putting away.

I enjoy being with my children and my husband. I enjoy meals together, playing games, watching movies, little trips together to somewhere as simple as the library.

I enjoy the books I’m reading right now. I’ve been on an Italian kick and working through some novels and travel memoirs that have been in my Great Unread Pile.

I enjoy the voice lessons I take with my husband every other week. It’s fun to sing duets together.

I enjoy the currently limited time I spend with friends, whether in person or on the phone.

I’ve also enjoyed each season this year and have slowly moved through the seasonal transitions. This year I didn’t hop straight from summer to winter which I have done many times in the past. I’ve enjoyed Autumn, the cooler days, the turning colors, raking and playing in the leaves, the rainy days and the shorter daylight hours that draw me to the fireside.

Through it all I notice deep down that I’m feeling a little lost, a little alone and a drop in my energy. I find myself daydreaming about things I’d like to be doing and, when it comes time to act, I don’t. Maybe it is natural with the year coming to a close and winter about to settle in. Maybe I can just watch the paradox and work through it. Maybe I will continue not to act or try and fix it. Maybe I will just be with my family and sit by the fire, or play a game or read a book. Maybe I could just act small and take a walk alone, or engage in yoga at home alone, or sit in my room and read alone or go to a local coffee shop with my book and be alone. Maybe…

Does anyone else feel a strange diminishing of energy and lonesomeness at this time of year?

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