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“My second favorite household chore is [laundry]. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.” -Erma Bombeck

In a nice change from diving into my work week, which involves a lot of laundry, James, Ethan, Sean and I are taking a trip to Ikea with grandma this morning because she wants to pick up a few things and is not yet comfortable driving on the freeway to the Seattle Ikea. It’s a bit of convoluted route to get to it and she’s still settling in and finding her way around since the big move from Ireland last year. She’s been doing great so far and I’m very impressed. Even I hestitate when it comes to driving to Ikea.

Ethan is thrilled at the thought of the road trip. He adores grandma and our Odyssey, so it’s a huge thrill to combine the two 🙂

A recent photo of Ethan enjoying time with grandma.

Then I hope to finish switching out all the children’s seasonal clothing. I’m almost done. I started last week. I’ve gone through all their summer clothes and removed items that will be too small next year. I went through their winter clothes and did the same. Then I looked through our boxes of hand-me downs to see what fits now. I’ve taken stock of where there are gaps.

All I have left to do is move on the small clothes and buy clothes to fill in their winter wardrobe. The boys don’t need anything and the girls just need new underwear and some leggings. Not too bad!

As I’ve been working through the clothes I realized that I’m getting better at managing how many clothes they have in their drawers at one time.

I’m starting to get a better hang on rotating clothes so that I don’t have a ton of laundry to do, because we all know that children will cycle through as many clothes in their drawers as are available to them. Sometimes all in the course of one day. The more clothes they have, the more laundry I have. Ashley and Caitlin are just starting to realize that it also means the more clothes they have to sort and put away in their rooms come laundry time. A fabulous realization that makes paring down their clothes all the easier 🙂

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At the start of August we started collecting Lincoln Logs. We had played with them a few years ago at a friends house on Vashon Island and loved them. I’m not sure why we waited so long to get some for our house. But now we have and we are all very happy playing with them.

Here are some photos of a Lincoln Log building contest that James, Ashley, Caitlin and I competed in when we first brought home the logs:

My Amazing Little People Playhouse

Caitlin’s Hotel Kitty

Ashley’s Big L Ranch & Inn

James’ 3 P Ranch (after much trash talking by him about my playhouse I dubbed his ranch the ‘Pigsty’)

Inside the Pigsty the wolf was lurking, much to the delight of Ashley and Caitlin.

This was the ballot we had to fill in to vote for our first, second and third favorites. Which one would you have voted for?

Awaiting the result of the vote.

And the winner of an ice cream is Ms Ashley’s Big L Ranch & Inn!

We waited until the boys were in bed to hold the competition. They had great fun demolishing the structures the next morning. Alas, I slept in that morning and James did not get any photographic evidence of the wanton distruction of Lincoln Log structures, but you can imagine the glee 🙂

Here are some photos from this morning as Ethan and I played with the Lincoln Logs while everyone else slept. (Playing this morning prompted this post.)

Ethan and I built this together. I was able to admire how dextrous he is manipulating small pieces.

After we built the initial structure Ethan wanted to build a carpark.

He fetched his cars and filled it up.

He started driving his cars around the structure commenting that “the bears are coming home for porridge”.

So I went to fetch Goldilocks and the three bears. We’ve been reading the book over and over (and over and over…) these last few days. He was thrilled to have them visit the “playstructure” as he’d dubbed it.

This is the ladybird book we’ve been reading repeatedly lately. We’ll save this and the other titles in the series for a future favorites post!

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