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Finally Busy

Well, it’s happened. I now feel that my days are full and when people comment, “You must be busy!”, I hear myself wholeheartedly agreeing. Even up until the recent past, after Ethan was born, I had time to take each of my daughters out of school separately once a month for lunch and some alone time with me. I also volunteered for each of their classes coordinating the volunteer schedules for their teachers. I loved getting to know the teachers and other parents in this way. Ethan and I even chaperoned three field trips. I felt there were some spaces in my day, some down time. It all felt very “doable”.

Now that Sean has arrived my days feel incredibly full…and that’s without any outside commitments. I knew life with four children would be a lot of work. I am now adjusting from the concept to the experience 🙂 I realize that these are still the early weeks (8 and a half of them already!). These last three weeks I have been adjusting to James returning to work at the end of six weeks paternity leave. My daily routine with all the kids is still in flux at the moment as I work to establish how to organize and most efficiently juggle all the demands on my time.

So I’ve spent these last three weeks paying attention to my days. My new mantra has become, “What could I have done yesterday to make today easier? Now how do I do that today to make tomorrow easier?” The trick is finding some space in the day to incorporate these things that will help out my tomorrows!

Thankfully, I’m an organized person. I know that it is just a matter of time and tweaking systems I already have in place until I feel like I have a new workable system that accommodates our larger family. I am confidentP I will get there…eventually. And see, progress already. I’ve managed to post a blog entry before September ended (and just squeezing it in before midnight on the final day of the month is still making it!). I am very grateful for my iPad and my growing skill at typing one-handed while Sean nurses 🙂

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