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Playing with the Little Guys

In the final hour of 2009 I’ve been thinking about all the good food I’ve eaten this year and some of my food goals for the next one. I just finished playing with my new little buddies Yeast and Bacteria, prepping homemade waffles (center in above photo) and homemade yoghurt (right in above photo) for breakfast tomorrow.

This year I really wanted to try making yoghurt. It has been a little dream of mine since I lived in France when I was 17 years old. I au paired with a lovely family who made their own yoghurt which I thought was just about one of the best foods I had ever tasted. We would eat it from the little glass jars with a sprinkling of brown sugar stirred in. Divine! This summer I decided to take the plunge. I researched yoghurt making online and found some very informative sites. My first batch was a disaster. I placed my little jars to warm in the oven early in the day and they were to be removed late evening. I woke up next morning with the horrible realization that the jars were still in the oven. Aaagh! Batch number 2 was more successful. Ashley, Caitlin and I enjoyed eating our yoghurt from the little jars with the sprinkling of brown sugar stirred in. A beautiful moment, sharing a dream. This coming year I want to perfect my yoghurt making so that I can have a recipe that I thoroughly enjoy and then make it regularly.


I have also wanted to learn how to make great waffles. Hot on the heels of yoghurt success, I bought a waffle iron and began. While I enjoyed the results I have yet to find a truly great recipe. So that’s one of my goals this year. I’m starting the quest tonight with a recipe for Overnight Waffles from Mark Bittman’s book How to Cook Everything (left in above photo). This recipe requires yeast, which has always been somewahat intimidating to me to use. I’m an Irish lass and our race loves baking soda. This year I will conquer my fear of these little fungi and this is my first step. The next is bread making. As I mentioned in my December reading list, I read Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and will be starting my bread making adventures in 2010. There are also some lovely pastries in there that I’m keen to tackle. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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My homemade waffles from Favorite Food


And speaking of pastries, I have to finish with a mention of a recipe that our cousin Kaysea sent to our family around Thanksgiving. Ashley, Caitlin and I have simply dubbed it “Kaysea’s Pumpkin Cakes”. It was a recipe for pumpkin cookies that Kaysea picked up at a winery and passed along to us. We really enjoyed making them and loved eating them even more. Our conclusion was that because they are soft like cake we just could not bring ourselves to call them cookies. So in our house they are cakes! Here are some photos of our results. Kaysea, thank you so much for the recipe. It has now joined our treasured recipes.

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Kaysea’s Pumpkin Cakes from Favorite Food


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Close up of Kaysea’s Pumpkin Cakes from Favorite Food

Happy 2010 everyone! I need to go nibble on something now…

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In this 10th decade of the 21st century, James and I will celebrate 10 years in Seattle and 10 years of marriage. Fun times ahead. Happy New Year and Cheers everyone!

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