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Sneezing Dandelion

Here I am at home when it’s Tuesday night and I really want to be at my Spanish class. I’m also missing Caitlin’s preschool potluck, which is actually quite near where my class is and would have made for a nice little walk after dinner and socializing. James and the girls are there as I write this and, while the quiet is soothing, I wish I was with them and heading off to increase my beautifully emerging Spanish linguistic skills. But, me siento mal 😦 Yes, the little bugs that have caused the bouts of sneezing and sniffling, which have been coming and going for the last three weeks, have finally decided that they love this pregnant body and threw a full blown fiesta on Sunday. And they’re still partying hard. They even pulled an all-nighter last night, though I finally managed to shut them down and get just under an hour’s sleep around 6am.

Surprisingly, I had a good day all things considered. Once I realized I can’t sleep because I simply can’t breathe (or hear very well for that matter), I spent the morning putting the finishing touches to my beautifully purged, organized and color-coded filing system that I worked on during the 7 sleepless hours I had all to myself last night. I’m trying to stay in one spot as much as possible to avoid the huge fits of sneezing that occur when I move from place to place, with accompanying fluctuations in air temperature. I’ve been reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Pigs in Heaven and have it on CD from the library at the moment. So I listened to that as I worked last night and this morning. I’m really enjoying this sequel to The Bean Trees and it helped make ignoring the “party animals bugs” much easier.

But now I’m missing Spanish class and feeling very disappointed. Maybe I’ll go watch one of my DVDs with the Spanish Language Track activated. Last week I watched Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility dubbed in Spanish (with the Spanish subtitles showing too) and had a blast (oh, what I do for kicks these days!). Watching Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, and Alan Rickman, and hearing Spanish coming out of their mouths, was not as bizarre as one might think. The dubbing was excellent and the voices suited them. And I managed to recognize some language in there that seems to have penetrated my brain. Some brain cells have been reactivated, yippee!!! Now let’s hope they don’t die a death from sleep deprivation as I weather through this heavy cold…

Image Credit: Grant Brown’s Highly Tooned Creations

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