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Momentus Day

Today James and I saw Caitlin off at her first day of preschool. After a very busy couple of weeks since our return from France I anticipated some mixed emotions on my part with the first morning with both Ashley and Caitlin in school.

To help the transition I arranged to take a walk with my friend Rosemary, who met me outside Caitlin’s school. We walked almost 4 miles around the local neighborhood making it almost to Golden Gardens. We stoically descended and ascended the many steps leading to Golden Gardens and then returned for a leisurely tea and chat at the Tully’s on Holman Road.

When Rosemary left I still had about an hour before meeting James and collecting Caitlin so I just sat in the sun outside Tully’s, briefly edited my ‘To-Do’ list and read my book, The Jane Austen Book Club’. It felt wonderful…a much needed morning off after 5 years of mothering. I survived!

Now it’s time to share the development of our girls and I am very relieved that the teachers who will assist with this are very warm and capable. Ashley and Caitlin love their teachers, schools and classmates. A new stage in our lives has begun.

To further celebrate this afternoon I had both time and energy to make a Dublin stew and homemade Irish Brown Soda Bread. I even rustled up some homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert. My mind seems to be skipping over the approaching autumn in excited anticipation of winter (my favorite season). Despite the temperature being uncooperatively in the 80s today, we all managed to enjoy our dinner 🙂

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