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James and I have been working on photos and blogs today. I managed to get all our photos sorted and e-mailed out to our friends and family who have e-mail access. For those who don’t, paper copies will be on there way because I even managed to get those printed this weekend too! James revamped the look of both our blogs. Mine still needs some work but it is much better than his first attempt which had a picture of a drunk Irish man slumped in a manner that looks exaxtly like a yoga pose. Needless to say I prefer the photo of Ashley that fills the space at the moment.

My current plan is to write a monthly summary and to send out photos from each month using shutterfly. For  those of you who may not be on the photo mailing list and would like to receive photos send me an e-mail or write a comment to this blog and I’ll add you to the list.

I’m working on the March summary and will post it shortly. Meanwhile, it feels good to be organizing our photos and information about what we’re up to with the girls. This way we keep a nice record of our lives and can share the details with our friends and family.

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